A Regal Introduction

As the rainy season settles upon San Francisco, our team at Repose has been hard at work revamping a winter classic intended to bring warmth and richness to our loyal customers. Introducing the Royal Butterscotch Latte: a rich, delicious seasonal drink that’s sure to bring comfort to even the coldest days.

Royal Butterscotch, a confection which originated in Yorkshire in the late 1800s, was initially advertised as "Royal Doncaster Butterscotch," or "The Queen's Sweetmeat," and said to be "the best emollient for the chest in the winter season."

This latte begins with a homemade Butterscotch, which is made with a blend of butter, brown sugar, heavy cream, salt and vanilla. To that, we pour in a shot of our Flying Goat Espresso No. 9, and end with a swirl of warm steamed milk. The blend of our smoky, burnt-caramel Butterscotch and our bright Espresso creates a truly unique flavor profile that is subtle, smooth, and not-too-sweet.

We love this latte because it’s a healthier, lighter, all-natural alternative to a holiday favorite - just in time for the new year. Stop by the shop today to try one for yourself!