A Regal Introduction

As the rainy season settles upon San Francisco, our team at Repose has been hard at work revamping a winter classic intended to bring warmth and richness to our loyal customers. Introducing the Royal Butterscotch Latte: a rich, delicious seasonal drink that’s sure to bring comfort to even the coldest days.

Royal Butterscotch, a confection which originated in Yorkshire in the late 1800s, was initially advertised as "Royal Doncaster Butterscotch," or "The Queen's Sweetmeat," and said to be "the best emollient for the chest in the winter season."

This latte begins with a homemade Butterscotch, which is made with a blend of butter, brown sugar, heavy cream, salt and vanilla. To that, we pour in a shot of our Flying Goat Espresso No. 9, and end with a swirl of warm steamed milk. The blend of our smoky, burnt-caramel Butterscotch and our bright Espresso creates a truly unique flavor profile that is subtle, smooth, and not-too-sweet.

We love this latte because it’s a healthier, lighter, all-natural alternative to a holiday favorite - just in time for the new year. Stop by the shop today to try one for yourself!


Introducing the Latte d’Oro - our healthiest drink yet

We’re thrilled to announce our newest addition to the Repose menu, the Latte d’Oro, right in time for Fall.

This warm, sweet latte gets its comforting aroma and rich yellow hue from turmeric, a powerful spice known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

We've crafted our Latte d’Oro by adding a flavorful, well-balanced blend of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, virgin organic coconut oil and honey to steamed milk. The result is a delicious and comforting alternative to coffee that will warm you up and leave you feeling light and energized.

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years to fight and reverse disease, and its wide-ranging health benefits continue to surprise researchers today. Curcumin, the main compound in the spice, is known for reducing inflammation, decreasing the risk of cancer, and supporting detoxification of the body.

We love this latte because it's sweet, spicy and smooth, and because it makes us feel great long after the last sip - stop in and try one for yourself soon!

Dialing In

In the early morning, when our baristas get to Repose to unlock the door and open the shop, the first and most important task of the day is to “dial in” the espresso. We pour fresh, whole beans into the grinder, measure approximately 21 grams of coffee into the portafilter, and groom and tamp the shot to evenly pack in the grounds. We pull a shot, measure the time it takes for the first drip to fall and fill up the glass, and taste. Depending on the acidity and flavor of the coffee, the grind is adjusted to make the espresso coarser or finer, and to control how quickly the coffee saturates the water. We continue this process (adjust, grind, pull, taste, repeat) and fine-tune the blend until it tastes exactly as it should: bright and full-bodied, with fruity notes of lemon and berry.

Over the past two years at Repose, we’ve learned that creating truly high-quality coffee is an art in and of itself - and paying attention to small details matters. The constitution of the beans is always changing, and even though the steps to dial-in may seem trivial on their own, each one is essential to serve a shot of espresso that can be enjoyed as it’s meant to be, every time.

There are certain crafts which require precise attention, actions taken consciously and with great care - and developing incredible coffee is no different. When a master practices their art, we often underestimate the amount of time, patience and dedication that needed to be given over a lifetime to become the best. Even more overlooked is the craftsman's nuanced attention-to-detail, the daily refinements, and the subtle changes made to sharpen the technique which would one day allow them to surpass all others.

In the same way, the flavor of our espresso and the design of our space depends on the small adjustments we make every day, and as we improve, the small details start to hold more and more weight. To keep our shop up and running, there are a million different things to consider on any given day - but we focus on the details of our coffee and the way it’s served first. If we can do that well, the rest will take care of itself.

Chocolate and Coffee, the Perfect Pair


When Kathy Wiley started Poco Dolce Confections in 2003, it was a small San Francisco baking company specializing in regional Italian pastries.  Within a year, she discovered a passion for creating hand-made chocolates with unique and exciting flavors, and has focused on using simple, fresh, all-natural ingredients to craft their incredible products ever since.

When we were choosing which chocolate to offer at Repose, researching the best company to pair with was one of my favorite projects yet - it involved a lot of taste-testing and was the perfect excuse to try the incredible variety of chocolates SF has to offer. But, all good things must end, and in a bittersweet way, our search came to a close when we found Poco Dolce. One bite of their Burnt Caramel dark chocolate was all we needed to know that this was it: we added it to our menu the next day.

Stop in to the shop soon to try a smooth, delicious Bittersweet Chocolate Tile along with your coffee - our options change regularly, but right now we’re featuring Burnt Caramel, Almond, Sesame Toffee, Ginger and Almond Coconut.

There are some things in life which compliment one another perfectly, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer Poco Dolce Chocolates alongside our Flying Goat Coffee to make your day just a little bit sweeter.

New Parklet, New Season

With the autumn months right around the corner, our team at Repose is thrilled to announce that our new parklet is being built just in front of the shop. Now, our guests will be able to relax in the sun with a bright, cold Japanese iced coffee, or slowly sip a warm, smooth latte when the fog rolls in.

With the new space comes the inspiration to offer new menu items and longer hours, and as the season changes from Summer to Fall, we are excited about the chance to engage with the Lower Haight community in a whole new way.

For more information on the history of this project and the exciting new opportunity it creates, check out our article in Hoodline!

Stop by the shop to visit the baristas you know and love, catch up over coffee with an old friend, or meet a new neighbor for the very first time - we can't wait to see you.


How To: Japanese Iced Coffee

It’s been an exciting journey for Repose since we opened in September of 2014, and over the past two years, we’ve spent time developing our shop, getting to know our customers, and paying close attention to the details that have crafted our business into what it is today. As we grow and evolve, we try to consistently improve - perfecting our beverages, refining our processes, and learning how to serve our community in the best way we can.

It goes without saying, but as a business, the most important decisions we make at Repose center around our coffee: the ways it’s roasted, prepared and served. When we were creating our menu, we decided to experiment with Japanese Iced Coffee - an alternative to cold-brew that was suggested by one of our first baristas.

Now one of our most popular menu items, our iced coffee sparks a few questions.

Is it the same thing as cold brew? What’s with the name? And most importantly, why do we do it?

The short answer:

Japanese Iced Coffee is different from cold brew, the name has to do with the brewing method (which originated in Japan), and we serve it this way because it simply tastes better!

The long answer:

How is it made?

  1. We brew our Espresso No. 9 blend with 50% of the water we usually use, resulting in a stronger, more concentrated drip.

  2. Immediately after brewing, we pour the hot espresso over ice, and then refrigerate immediately.

What makes it taste different?

We brew hot to fully extract a dynamic flavor, and cool instantly to lock in the full-bodied aromatics of the blend.

When water is heated, its molecules move faster and create more energy, allowing it to actively break down soluble materials, like coffee. So, when the grounds of the Espresso No. 9 dissolve in hot water, the flavor is developed to the fullest extent possible: the brighter, more-nuanced compounds in the beans simply wouldn’t be released if the water was cold or room-temperature, like it is in cold-brew. Finally, pouring the hot espresso directly over ice shocks the coffee, preserving the floral, lemony notes of the blend and perfectly diluting the brew.

Simply put, we think that the Japanese method highlights even the most subtle flavors of the espresso. Brewing hot and cooling fast results in a strong, crisp and dynamic iced coffee that’s sure to get your day started in the most refreshing way possible.