We take pride in our people.

Repose is made of a diverse team of talented baristas, and we are driven by the belief that treating each and every customer with focused attention is the key to providing a differentiated service.  We have a passion to serve our community the best coffee and baked goods in the city, and our close-knit culture inspires an authentic, supportive and fun work environment. 

Open Positions

Social Media Intern

We are looking for an amazing and extroverted Public Relations Intern who will support the growth of Repose by studying media trends, assisting in influencer relations, and marketing our products and events across platforms. The ideal candidate is passionate about communication and marketing and finds joy in building authentic relationships with our community.

This position is unpaid, but is offered as school credit if applicable.


You are…

  • Creative and passionate about writing thoughtful and thorough content

  • Familiar with social media as it relates to specialty coffee shops

  • Goal-oriented, open to feedback, team-player, proactive

  • An exceptional communicator

In this role, you will…

  • Monitor Repose’s social media and tags across several platforms (including our blog Instagram, Twitter and Facebook)

  • Build relationships with influential customers and engage local personalities to create authentic partnerships and promote Repose products

  • Track media hits on a weekly basis and target new outlets using creativity and organization

  • Provide weekly updates to management on all assigned tasks

  • Assist in collaborative meetings to strategize new partnerships and collaborations for Repose in the areas of coffee and baked goods

Knowledge and Experience

Mostly, we want to know you have the desire and tools to get this job done. This means, you have:

  • Interest in/knowledge about Repose, our mission, and our product offerings

  • Experience in public relations, social media marketing, and strategic relationship building

  • Awareness of the media space and where our brand fits

Work Requirements

  • High school diploma

  • Ideal candidate would receive school credit for internship

  • Legal authorization to work in the US


We are always looking for people who are hard-working, communicative, and dedicated to preparing and serving fantastic coffee. Barista experience is helpful, but not necessary: enthusiasm and a good attitude trump any lack of specialty coffee experience. 


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